Teeporium® is set to be "the" online store that specializes in creating and selling unique and trendy graphic t-shirts, hoodies, and accessories for men and women. Based in Melbourne, Australia, Teeporium® is designed to offer a wide range of products that cater to different interests, including pop culture, sports, and social causes. The brand is also formed to have a strong focus on providing high-quality products while reducing over-production and waste through print-on-demand technology.





I​ntroducing The ​"Massive Passive​ Income​" ​Print-On-Demand ​S​tore

Fancy yourself an entrepreneur who wants a dream store to run? Then this is the ultimate passive earner for you. Make an impact in the POD (Print-On-Demand) industry​ with this high-end online store​ that requires minimal effort with ​s​erious return​ potential​. ​Meticulously curated by a seasoned brand developer with over two decades of ecommerce success, this store is the epitome of online shopping excellence, and it's poised to become your ticket to the dream of passive income.

Everyone knows that the ultimate form of passive income is made from a successful POD store, thanks to the never-ending inventory supply. Teeporium is a store built with a focus on conversions. Every element has been carefully ​c​curated to ensure an engaging, high-end shopping experience, using a streamlined setup that keeps costs down while delivering maximum impact.

This site is the perfectly curated site to make a passive income while you live your best life.

K​ey Highlights

  • Shopify ecommerce store selling POD (print-on-demand) products featuring exclusive designs.

  • Designed by a seasoned brand developer with over 20 years of ecommerce sales. Minimal to manage & only 1 paid app $9p/m) to keep costs down.

  • Customised sections on the site that cannot be achieved out-of-the-box. 

  • Thanks to a steady and reliable partnership with Afterpay® with previous stores, I have successfully had the Afterpay® "Buy Now, Pay Later" payment option already approved and installed on the site, so you can immediately start offering "Pay Later' to your clients.
  • Includes a collaborator app ($9p/m as mentioned above) to add as many freelance designers as you like, ensuring your catalog is consistently fresh. You don't need to design. They do it for you (more info below).

  • Unlimited inventory, shipped directly from the POD supplier, allowing you to work from home, or the beach, or from that hip little coffee shop down the road from you while you sip on lattes.

  • No photoshoots! All of the photos on the site have been created on PlaceIt, using our (your!) designs.

  • ​The store is already set up with the worlds top ​2 POD industry​ giants —Printful ​& Printify. ​T​heir quality and reliability are the highest rated.​ Add more providers if you want, in minutes, with ease.

  • Targeted at sophisticated fun-lovers with a passion for style, this store exudes universal appeal. From the boardroom to date night to an afternoon walk with the dog, ​the exclusive designs effortlessly bridge the gap between professionalism and individuality. It's not just clothing; it's a statement.  

  • ​Make money from home, the beach, Italy, Spain, a dungeon in Transylvania...wherever! 
  • Includes the top global domains:
  • Again, this site is designed to be completely passive for you. If you know how to generate views on social media, the brand will take it from there. It doesn't get any better than that.

Global Domains = Global Success

​.com ​ and ​.co.n​z ​- these domains are your keys to a global audience.​ And they are included in this sale. Reach customers across continents, capitalising on the diverse and widespread appeal of ​t​he products​ in your store.

T​ake It Easy While Earning $$

​I​t's almost 2024. ​Office life is so 2020. Everyone wants to make money WFH or while soaking up the sun or doing anything other than actual work! ​This store brings you one step away from making that dream a reality. It is a testament to a brand developer's unrivalled ​p​assion for ​brands that convert into sales, thanks to in-demand inventory. ​​It's an online haven that seamlessly balances sophistication and vibrancy. High-end designs with high-quality products target​ those who crave expression without sacrificing style.

Design​s Done For You

​This site is designed so that collaboration ​with designers is a breeze. The designs so far have been created by two talented freelancers from Upwork, who ​also look forward to designing for you.​ Once you go live and sales become regular, they will receive only $1 for each sale that features their design. That means they only get paid when a sale gets made that features their own design. That's only $1 for exclusive designs curated just for your store.  This is paid via the collaborator app so again, you do nothing!  There is literally no easier way to get high-end, exclusive designs for FREE!

​As I built the site, designers delivered daily/weekly designs to our shared Google Drive. Every Friday, I reviewed and approved up to 10 designs. ​The designers then uploaded the approved designs to the store on the products that suited the designs the best, to keep the store updated with fresh content to keep 'em coming back. It takes only a few minutes to approve/reject designs each week. Making money literally cannot be easier.


The below foreseeable operations of this business probably took more time to write than actually do!:

  1. Designer(s) submit designs daily/weekly/monthly - 0 hrs/mins for you

  2. You approve/disapprove designs - approx. 5-10 mins per week at the most

  3. Each designer uploads and publishes approved designs on the products in your store and make them live for sale - 0 hrs/mins for you

  4. Changing homepage banner - ~30mins. This can be done weekly, monthly, seasonal - whenever you decide. Let's assume for the purpose of this sale, you are doing this weekly at 30mins per week 

  5. You use your social media skills to create conversions while sunbaking, lounging on the sofa, or ​w​aiting for a friend to meet you for coffee at Starbucks. It's not just business—it's the art of passive income mastered.

TOTAL TIME -  ~40mins a week. That's all. So basically, your entire work week is shorter than an average persons lunch break.

FYI: the homepage banner can be created in PlaceIt, like the current banner is. This current one took me only about 10mins to find in PlaceIt, put the designs in it, and upload it to the site.

Y​our Path to Prosperity

You hold the key to your ​d​ream of freedom of entrepreneurship by doing what you're already great at - social media!​ ​Let your social media prowess pave the way to financial freedom.​

Seize the Opportunity

Your journey begins with a week of post-sale support, though truthfully, there's not much to teach. This is your chance to own an enterprise that practically runs itself—a venture that's as rewarding as it is effortless.

Are you ready to step into a world of passive income, design innovation, and boundless potential? The future of ecommerce is here, and it's waiting for you. Don't just buy a store—invest in a lifestyle.



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